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Pitch Tents

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I couldn’t resist…this is an old one, but a funny one

Video Press for Blogs

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This is great news for all of us!

Commenting Strategy-Part 1:Principles to Apply

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speechbubbleWe must identify our purpose in commenting.  We should have some goals and direction in regards to how and why we comment on blogs.  Otherwise, we waste valuable time and resources.  The Commenting Ninja idea is that of community.  It is taken from the notion of simple living in a small town.  Let us say for example that the small town is the content of your Google Reader.  Each blog is a different neighbor in your new community.  You should take some time to get to know them.  When I first started commenting I was driven by the Intense Debate Commenting System.  I used that to measure and to find new blogs to engage this idea of community.  Now, it is not the case.  It is my goal to be a well-known commentator who adds a measure of community and value to the blogging community.

Secrets of the Commenting Ninja Returns!

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ninja 1 200 by 200Welcome my friends.  I have been expecting you.  Let us begin our first lesson, shall we?

“Always respond in regards to the context of the blog-post”

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!